Plus showroom on Chmielna Street

The most modern Plus shop is on Chmielna Street in Warsaw. It is a customer service point with 16 desks and a true flagship of the cellular operator.

It is located on the ground floor of the new Dom Braci Jablkowskich in the heart of shopping street Warsaw. We had a hard task given by the client. The design had to be very innovative and show the newest technology. On the other hand it had underscore friendliness and be very open. All this had to happen in a very irregular space with a long shopwindow on most of the perimeter. 

We successfully combined all the requirements in the space plan that is based on circles. The end result looks simple and allows the client an instant orientation in the whole offer of Plus. 

The interior has been published by a few foreign design magazines and a lot of local and proffessional blogs and sites.