Joanna Klimas showroom

A design of a unique space combining shop, tailor, cafe, showroom and catwalk for fashion shows.

The starting point of our design was the answer to the fundamental question: how to combine the style of Joanna Klimas fashion with the style of the interior so that they are a natural whole?

Joanna Klimas stresses that she wants to let the true beauty to show and not be covered by clothes. Her designs are simple, without excessive ornaments but still very evocative and fresh. We wanted to give the interior the same qualities. 

We preserved a lot of the atmosphere of the Muranow neighbourhood of Warsaw from the 50ties. We respected the existing interior but we did not recreate it. We introduced a steel mezzanine that serves a couple of purposes. First, it is a place for the audience during fahion shows. Second, it is a cafe during the day. Third, it provides structure for clothes bars and hangers. 

Our client is very happy with the end result. The open space where clothes are made  directly in front of the customers is transparent and light.