The new Empik Future Store

In September, another multimedia store of Empik Future Store opened in Złote Tarasy in Warsaw.

The new premises currently occupy almost 1,000 sqm on one level in relation to the three floors in the previous location. The change is part of a larger reconstruction of the center and also includes other tenants.

Złote Tarasy Mall is one of the most demanding centers in terms of arrangement of building documentation. So called "circulationa card" is an element to be remembered and included in both the cost estimate and the schedule of project work. One of the most important elements of the project was the new smoke extraction system and performed CFD simulation. Particular attention was paid to the store front due to the irregular shape and different heights on both sides of the entrance.

Further openings of the Future Store Empik stores will be in 2019, about which we will be informing.