The Mole Mole bookstore is already open at the Central Railway Station in Warsaw

The Mole Mole brand, bookshops from the Empik Group, counts the next opening of the store - this time at the Central Railway Station in Warsaw. By the end of the year, the number of all bookshops is expected to be around 50

We have been cooperating with the Empik Group for a long time, also with the Mole Mole brand's stores. We develop architectural construction and executive projects together with MEP designs: ventilation and air conditioning project, water and sewage system, electrical design. As part of the cooperation, we coordinate the design work of all industries, and at the stage of preparation we conduct all arrangements with the Technical Department of the Shopping Center. We carry out site surveys of premises and conduct arrangements with fire experts, sanitary and occupational health and safety. During construction works, we supervise the project.