Reopening Empik Junior in Warsaw

Empik Junior, until recently the largest Empik store, underwent a thorough reconstruction. Designing its interior were done by the Otomi Store Design Lab.

First and foremost the shop area was reduced - from previously occupied three floors to one. The interior was changed, giving it the character of a library. It was achieved, among others, through the use of wooden materials in the form of the rim above the parietal furniture . Also designed a new reading and listening zones, which have a climate of domesticity.

The change was also applied for the scene for the purpose of performances and meetings with artists . Its appearance resembles television studio with couches and armchairs. A characteristic element is an archive footage on the both sides of the stage.

You can read more on,8277-31343.html#img , where Jacek Chaczykowski (architect and co-owner of the OTOMI) tells more about the project.