Re-opening of Heavy Duty brand in Arkadia Shopping Center

On Monday 12th September in Arkadia was re-opening of Heavy Duty shoe store. The interior was changed - how it looks now?

First of all, the concept of arrangement of the store has been changed. It has externalize offer of HD for wider audience - now it is not addressed only to teenagers, but also for middle-aged people. The design focuses on simplicity and modernity, with the use of advanced electronics. However, this does not mean a complete break with the tradition of the brand. It left elements that are well-known to consumers as the cog in the log of HD or elements of interior in industrial-style, eg. tinware in the shopwindow, or a lamps in the lampshade made of bars.

The used furniture bet on primarily on functionality. With its simple elements we were able to achieve a very desirable feature for our customers - the opportunity to expose all kinds of shoes.

For our client we carried out all the work related to the project, from conceptual design and executive project, and supervising the work of subcontractors and complete all the necessary utility coordinations. During the realization of the project we were collaborating with the architect Dorota Zalewska.