CL - a new concept of Chantelle brand stores

The first CL store - Chantelle Lingerie, which is a new format of the Chantelle brand, was opened in November at Arkadia Mall in Warsaw. 

OTOMI's architects were responsible for preparing a multi-discipline executive project. Modern design and material solutions have forced precision especially on the details of wall finishing and reinforcements of the sub-ceiling of the ceiling for decorative elements.

We were present at the construction site during the whole construction process, including the reception of the premises by the shopping center. CH Arkadia is one of the most demanding centers when it comes to design procedures, documentation arrangements with the technical and receiving departments.

We offer services in the field of design and arrangement of shops, offices, bank institutions, showrooms, investor's supervision, author's supervision. We also offer, among others, rebranding shops, utility coordinations and the creation of the concept of the commercial network .