Mole Mole in M1 Shopping Center

This is a pilot project for the whole family of small, modern Mole Mole bookshops in Poland. The appearance of future stores includes, among other things, furniture specifically designed for this brand.

A particular attention must be paid to the furniture on the site - a white circular shelf filled with real books, which acts as the letter "O" in the shop name and is a symbol of MOLE MOLE brand.

Lamps with a yellow lampshade fill the interior with almost home-like atmosphere, as well as a soft seat placed among the shelves. The interior is in bright colors - cheerful yellow and elegant white and light gray, natural wood and eye-catching red.

OTOMI Store Design Lab develops architectural-executive projects with industry projects: ventilation and air conditioning design, water and sewage, electrical design. As part of the cooperation, we coordinated the design work of all branches and technical documentation. Already at the stage of preparation we were arranging with the Technical Department of the Shopping Center, we made inventory of the premises and we conducted arrangements with fire experts, sanepid, bhp. During construction, we supervise the project.

At the moment are going on projects of stores in the next cities in Poland.