Malls in 2018

The retail market is developing very dynamically in Poland, and as a result - a new retail space is being created. This is not surprising if we look at the growth statistics for retail sales in Europe - since 2014, sales in Poland have increased by 66%. This is the highest rate on a European scale.

New malls are being built, and the existing ones are being rebuilt. Below are some shopping centers to be put into use in 2018.

Galeria Młociny - being built in Warsaw's Bielany district, will be put to use in the second half of 2018

Forum Gdańsk - object built in Gdańsk at Okopowa, Hucisko, Targ Sienny, Targ Rakowy, which start operating in spring 2018

Libero Shopping Center - located in the southern part of Katowice, with scheduled opening in the first half of 2018

Gemini Park - a retail facility being built in the center of Tychy, with the opening date in the first quarter of 2018

OTOMI Store Design Lab runs projects of chain stores in all listed malls. We execute interior design, adaptation of solutions to the requirements of shopping centers, carry out arrangements for electrical, fire and sanitary installations. We also carry out conceptual and executive projects in connection with coordinated projects.