4Design Days Conference in Katowice MCK and Spodek

Most of the projects created in our studio are stores in shopping centers, so all trends and changes on the retail market also apply to us.

A few issues that we could hear on the forum:

The current shopping centers are a past not only on the level of design, but also on the level of the tenant, landlord and client relationship.

One of the last large mall in Poland is Galeria Młociny in Warsaw.

The future belongs to the smaller malls - convenience centers.

We enter the 5th generation of buildings under the sign "3rd place" - home, work, mall - spending time. This causes changes in the division of space - additional functions such as leisure, entertainment, culture, gastronomy (food is a fashion) increase their share from 5 to 20% relative to the basic area (trade).

Modern mall requires a very good management, they must have their specificity and customers turn into guests.

Changes in individual tenants are noticeable. Store surfaces are larger, so that there can be added features - a place for consoles, or to listen music even in clothing stores. Technology will be increasingly widespread from the visible (intelligent fitting rooms, automatic payments) to the hidden ones - lighting and air conditioning control based on real traffic and heat maps.

All these trends indicate that the design processes will be more complex, industry projects more high-tech, and the creation of arrangements enriched with new interpenetrating functions.