Chantelle store construction in Zlote Tarasy shopping mall

OTOMI Store Design Lab has done executive designs for a Chantelle store that is currently being built in the Zlote Tarasy shopping mall. 

Due to an untypical layout many concept designs were made to investigate best visibility from the mall, furniture arrangement and shop front solutions. The last version being built is optically making the shop front and entrance bigger and provides better visibility for customers. 

Another challenging aspect has been the approval that in Zlote Tarasy includes architecture, structure, electrical installation, sanitary installation, health and safety issues, fire safety, sprinklers, FAS, VAS and technical service areas. 

At the moment the shop front has been replaced. Works are in progress on changing the floor and internal partitions. At the same the furniture is being produced. We are happy to see the 9th executive design of Chantelle coming out from OTOMI Store Design Lab.