Another Guess store made in the American concept

On August 26th took place the opening of a new Guess store in Malta Shopping Center in Poznań. Just as in the implementation of Guess Outlet in Factory Poznań, it was arranged in the American concept.

The used concept, taken directly from the USA, has a simpler design and change of color - the whole room is dominated by white color. Thereby it gives the interior impression of more space and highlights the exposure of the goods.

As in the other Guess stores, this one has many many advanced technical solutions in e.g. air conditioning systems, lighting or security.

OTOMI Store Design Lab offers comprehensive design services and project implementation. We have experience in creating interiors of shops, designing offices and showrooms, shops rebranding or creating the concept of the commercial network. In conducting the investment we make every effort to ensure the process was optimized in terms of time and cost. We provide support in the preparation, coordination and supervision of an investment.