Another brand joins OTOMI Store Design Lab customers

This is another brand of exclusive lingerie for which we design store interiors. The first project was created in the Forum Shopping Center in Gdańsk.

For this client, the time of the investment implementation played a decisive role. For comparison, on other premises, advanced construction works were already underway, and the dates of fire-protection receptions were approaching when we were just starting to work on the arrangement. For Simone Perele, we have arranged the arrangement in cooperation with its French branch. The executive design together with industry projects was created and agreed with the shopping center at a very fast pace.

An additional challenge was the shopfront, which in this part of the shopping arcade for this place was 9 meters high and only 4 meters wide. Our shopfront design with a backlit logotype, modeled on the basis of shopfronts of Simone Perele French street shops, has been accepted by Forum mall's management without any comments.

We also used several solutions that were supposed to speed up the work: the openwork ceiling (in order to limit the number of fire protection installations and at the same time its minimal eyes give the effect of a uniform surface), and free-standing furniture that did not generate the need to strengthen the pre-walls.

Despite the short deadline, construction work was completed on time and the store was ready on the opening of the center.